How to Make Money Off the Unspecting Internet in the Slowest Way Possible

Peas and Cougars

Whenever I’m really busy and I actually manage to get stuff done, I look around and wonder why I haven’t gotten a raise yet. Then I remember that life doesn’t give raises and really you just have to be happy if you manage to get through the month without more crippling debt or every pair of tights you own running the first time you put them on.

I admit this is partly my own fault. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend that as soon as I get comfortable or finish a big task I immediately want to take on something else. I really don’t know where I get it from because I swear to you that I really excel at procrastinating and putting things off (ex: see blog) with the best of them and really I enjoy nothing more than wasting Saturday mornings drinking coffee and critiquing PBS cooking shows. I’m…

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